Mandi Nuttall

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After working as a photographer for 8 years while my sweet husband was in school, I lost much of the joy of why I started shooting in the first place. So, I am now declaring myself as "RETIRED!"  I love my images and the wonderful people I get to work with but I now only want to shoot because I want to, not because I have to.  So I've closed the business aspect of Nuttall Photography.  However planning, shooting and editing photographic art is my creative outlet and I still love to do it.  So, I am still available for hire but only as a friend and not as a business owner.  I would love to continue helping families decorate their homes in timeless canvases, beautiful prints and heirloom albums because seeing my art displayed makes me giddy!

So if I'm "Retired," why do I still charge a flat fee to shoot?  Each final photo that I produce still comes with years of learning, experience, high-end equipment, beautiful editing and most time.  I have 5 wonderful, but extremely busy children that need Mommy more than ever.  If I'm going to spend time away from them, I need to see and feel the value.  But now that my husband is out of school and working,  I am so excited to freely shoot without the pressure of needing to provide for my family!  

As the creator of My Beauty Campaign, I feel I will always be working on spreading the message that all women are Beautiful (Click on the link above to learn more).  I also used to mainly shoot families and portraits, but now that I'm shooting more for fun, I want to spread my creative wings and shoot anything and everything!